Please note that lining of flues is classified as major building works.  We attempt to take the utmost care and precaution when carrying out such works but are unable to give any guarantee that the making good/decoration will not be required. 

We aim to leave the property as clean as possible by operating clean as you go method but some light dusting after install may be required.

Smoke test: Smoke is introduced into the chimney. The flue run is checked to ensure no smoke has leaked into any part of the building or adjoining flues. If the flue is breached, i.e. there is a leak or a gap in the chimney which cannot be repaired, it is then necessary to line the flue.  Chimney sweep.

Chimney sweep: Using rods to run up the chimney from inside the property to clear debris, soot and build up.

Core test: A test piece of stainless twin wall flex is run through the chimney to assess if there will be any obstructions that can either cause damage to the liner on installation or impede on the liner which can cause the liner not to be installed.


NOTE: By law every working fire place, whether using solid fuel or a class one gas fire is required to have a functioning flue in good condition.

If you are a first time buyer it is more than likely you may not be aware of this, at Burnt Ember we pride ourselves to ensure that all our customers’ are well informed.